No 21 (2015)

Table of Contents

National consensus

National consensus of management patients with abnormal uterine bleeding by association of gynecologist and endocrinologist of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
В. М. Запорожан, Т. Ф. Татарчук, А. Бер, Н. В. Авраменко, О. В. Булавенко, Ю. П. Вдовиченко, І. Ю. Ганжий, Н. І. Геник, О. В. Грищенко, А. М. Громова, О. В. Демченко, З. М. Дубоссарська, О. О. Єфименко, Н. Я. Жилка, В. П. Квашенко, Н. В. Косей, Л. Б. Маркін, В. І. Медведь, Н. Ю. Педаченко, Н. М. Рожковська, Г. Б. Семеніна 7-14

Scientific Studies

Immuno-morphological features of endometrial hyperplasic processes PDF (Українська)
В. М. Запорожан, С. А. Фетеску 15-18

Clinical lecture

Neuroendocrine system as therapeutic target of vitex agnus castus fruit extract for premenstrual syndrome PDF (Русский)
А. Г. Резников 19-23

Tumors and pretumoral pathology

Clinical results of long-term use of selective progesterone receptor modulators and gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists in the treatment of uterine leiomyoma PDF (Русский)
М. В. Медведев 24-30
Modern approaches to treatment and recurrence prevention of papillomavirus-infection treatment at women of reproductive age PDF (Українська)
Е. Н. Борис 32-39
Adolescence: risk factors for precancerous lesions and cervical cancer and prevention methods PDF
N. K. Silina 40-42


Pecularities of functional state of antigen-presenting cells of the endometrium in patients with deep infiltrating endometriosis PDF (Українська)
Н. М. Рожковська, О. М. Степановичус 44-46
Sex steroid receptors expression in ectopic endometrium in women with different forms of endometriosis PDF (Українська)
Н. Ф. Захаренко 47-49

Management of menopause

Menopausal syndrome as the first clinical manifestation of perimenopause PDF (Русский)
Т. Ф Татарчук, А. О. Исламова, О. А. Ефименко 52-56


Optimization of preparation of morphofunctional endometrial structure in assisted reproductive technology programs PDF (Русский)
Е. Н. Борис, Л. В. Сусликова, В. В. Каминский, Л. Н. Онищик, А. В. Сербенюк 60-63
Hormonal support of menstrual function and features of the balance of sex hormones in women of childbearing age with changes of reproductive health and autonomic homeostasis disorders PDF (Українська)
Вл. В. Подольський, З. Б. Хомінська 64-73

Interdisciplinary problems

Violation of fetal placenta function as a consequence of irritable bowel syndrome PDF (Українська)
В. М. Тудай, О. М. Мокрик, А. Ю. Лиманська, Ю. В. Давидова 74-79


Pregnancy after cancer: when impossible becomes possible PDF (Русский)
Ю. А. Тимовская 82-88

Drug therapy

Blood loss in obstetrics, hemorrhagic shock: obstetricians and gynecologists tactics PDF (Русский)
А. А. Жежер, В. В. Мехедко 89-93

Laboratory diagnosis

Liquid-based cytology for risk-adapted cervical screening PDF (Русский)
Reinhard Bollmann 95-101
Testing human papilloma virus in cervical screening PDF (Русский)
О. В. Рыкова 102-106