No 29 (2016)

Table of Contents

Scientific Studies

Animal research data on prenatal factors of functional neuroendocrine disorders PDF (Русский)
А. Г. Резников 8-15
Composition of lectin receptors in serous and mucinous ovarian cystadenomas PDF
O. M. Nosenko, V. G. Dubinina, M. A. Lysenko 16-18


Abnormal uterine bleedings in adolescents: treatment features PDF (Українська)
І. В. Козловський 19-23
Morphological and immunohistochemical features of the placenta of women with functional disorders of liver after assisted reproductive technology PDF (Українська)
В. В. Каминский, О. Г. Бойчук, Т. В. Коломійченко, О. І. Єщенко, С. М. Килихевич 24-27
Genital prolapse in women of advanced age, complicated decubital ulcer view at the preoperative treatment PDF (Русский)
В. А. Бенюк, Р. В. Довгалев, Л. Д. Ластовецкая, Т. В. Ковалюк 28-33
Associated with atopobium vaginae bacterial vaginosis: modern principles of diagnosis and therapy PDF (Русский)
М. Р. Рахматулина, К. И. Плахова 34-38
Endometrial polyps in the reproductive age: the finishing touches to the clinical portrait PDF (Русский)
Д. Г. Герман 39-43

Tumors and pretumoral pathology

Optimization of treatment tactic in women of reproductive age with dysplastic lesions of cervical epithelium and adenomyosis PDF (Українська)
В. К. Кондратюк, А. І. Нарольська, Н. Є. Горбань, Г. В. Чубей 54-59

Management of menopause

Features of menopausal syndrome treatment in women with endometriosis PDF (Українська)
Н. Ф. Захаренко, Н. В. Коваленко, Т. Ф. Татарчук 60-66
Dose-dependent effects of the Cimicifuga racemosa extract Ze 450 (drug simidona) in the treatment of climacteric complaints a randomized placebo-controlled study PDF (Русский)
Ruediger Schellenberg, Reinhard Saller, Lorenzo Hess, Jorg Melzer, Christian Zimmermann, Juergen Drewe, Catherine Zahner 80-89

Drug therapy

Menopausal hormone therapy features in women with estrogen-dependent uterus pathology PDF (Русский)
М. В. Медведев, Ю. В. Донская 90-93
The possibility of using mastodynon after endoprosthetics of mammary glands PDF (Русский)
Л. С. Сотникова, А. А. Сотников, Е. В. Удут, О. С. Тонких 94-99

Laboratory diagnosis

Laboratory diagnostics and management of gestational diabetes at the current stage PDF (Русский)
Л. А. Луценко 100-104

Information Practicum

Google Scholar in the evaluation of quality and effectiveness of results of scientific activity PDF (Українська)
Р. В. Марушко 105-108