No 13 (2013)

Table of Contents

Analytical review

Deficiency of vitamin D among Ukrainian population: risk-factors of development PDF (Українська)
В. В. Поворознюк, Н. І. Балацька 7-13


Modern nonhormonal possibilities of treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome in obese women PDF (Українська)
Т. Ф Татарчук, І. Ю. Ганжий, Н. Ю. Педаченко, І. М. Капшук 14-21
Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in women of child-bearing age PDF (Русский)
А. В. Малкоч, Л. А. Анастасевич, Н. Н. Филатова 22-27

Pregnancy and childbirth

Endogenous progesterone and progestins in physiological pregnancy, in prevention and treatment of its complications PDF (Русский)
В. Ф. Нагорная 30-44


Possibilities of modern immunotherapy in reproduction PDF (Русский)
Д. В. Мальцев 45-55
Pergoveris in controlled ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive technology programms PDF (Русский)
В. В. Веселовский 56-60

Inflammatory diseases

Anent the treatment of acute cystitis in women with chronic inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs PDF (Русский)
Т. Ф Татарчук, А. О. Исламова 64-69

Management of menopause

Sagenit efficiency in the treatment of vulvovaginal symptoms of aging PDF (Русский)
О. В. Грищенко, И. В. Лахно 70-73

Clinical case

Hyperprolactinemia in the mechanisms of uterine leiomyoma develop PDF (Русский)
Н. В. Косей, Л. А. Васильченко, В. А. Джупин 99-112