Open study of the depantol efficacy and safety, vaginal suppositories, in therapy of nonspecific cervicitis and true cervical erosion




randomized noncomparative study, nonspecific cervicitis, true cervical erosion, depantol


It was performed an open, randomized, noncomparative study of the depantol drug efficacy and safety in 60 patients in the treatment of nonspecific cervicitis and true cervical erosion.

The study showed that the use of the depantol for 7 days significantly improved patient’s condition. Statistically significant stopped pain (87.5% women), burning (at 86.5%), dysuria disorders (75%).

There are also positive dynamics of objective symptoms: at the end of the treatment there was a lack of purulent discharges in 100% of patients, reduced intensity discharge (90.4%), by the end of the course of depantol treatment 60% patients has no discharges, as a result of treatment in 91.4% of patients noted the disappearance of redness of the mucous and all women after treatment there was no mucosal edema.

Microbiological studies data showed a progressive increase in the CFU number of lactobacilli. There have been positive changes in ecological community with a predominance of 1 and 2 biocenosis type. 1 type is a normocenosis, the typical state of the normal vaginal habitat. Type 2 is an intermediate type, often observed in healthy women, rarely accompanied by subjective complaints and clinical manifestations.

After a course of depantol treatment most patients returned to normal vaginal smear on the criteria of “epithelial cells” and “leukocytosis” statistically significantly decreased total vaginal contamination.

There is a clear trend in normalization of cervical mucosa according to colposcopy. There was a statistically significant decrease in the number of patients with cervicitis.

The presented results of monotherapy nonspecific cervicitis and cervical erosion with depantol showed high efficacy and safety of this drug. Excellent and good effects (in total) according to the medical opinion on the 2nd visit was seen in 88.4% of patients, on the 3rd – 90%, and on the 4th – at 93.4%.

These results allow us to recommend depantol for the treatment of nonspecific cervicitis, cervical erosion, as well as accompanying infectious and inflammatory vaginal diseases.

Author Biography

Е. Ф. Кира, National Medical and Surgical Center named after N. I. Pirogov, Moscow

Scientific coordinator of the study, MD, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, chief obstetrician-gynecologist


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