The functional role of the family institute in the formation of healthy nation as main state value




institute of family, demographic situation, reproductive health, cultural and educational activities, family planning


Demographic situation in Ukraine has a tendency to decline in fertility and having few children. The main reasons are socio-economic situation, lack of adequate housing conditions and parents’ concerns of the impossibility of securing the children’s future . In addition, the statistics clearly indicate the need for a speedy resolution of the reproductive health problems.

Currently, Ukraine has a government social program of family support, which aims to preserve traditional family values, strengthening motivation for marriage registration, birth and conscious parenting, enhance social protection for families who are in difficult circumstances, prevention and combating violence family. One of its areas is preventive, cultural and educational work in educational institutions, which takes care of the Ministry of Health. In particular, in the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology NAMS of Ukraine was created National Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health, which provides medical care to young families for family planning and the emergence of a healthy young generation, performs most preventive and educational activities among people.

At the same time we must not forget the traditional Ukrainian family values, which are based on family and religious and spiritual traditions. It should be retained the historical heritage of the family, its cultural and national traditions, creating a culture of family relations, mutual respect and responsibility for child rearing, and recognition of the importance of women and men equality in family relationships. These and other issues were discussed at a hearing in Parliament dedicated to the goals and objectives of family policy in Ukraine. According to the participants’ opinion (delegates from ministries and departments, public organizations and clergy) preparation to family life must begin with families, kindergartens, schools, keep it in high school, forming family values and giving more attention to promoting this issue in the media area.

Author Biography

Т. Ф. Мельничук, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the Department of culturology


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