Chronic pelvic pain syndrome in the genesis of stress-induced infertility in women of reproductive age

С. І. Жук, О. А. Ночвіна, А. В. Камінський


The dissociation between subjective severity of the pain and the lack of evidence of an organic cause of pain is a potent stressor for women with chronic pelvic pain syndrome. In most cases a functional hyperprolactinemia is inherent for stress of any origin. Stress-induced hyperprolactinemia is a component of the reproductive function suppression.

Current literature data shows that herbal remedies with mild dopaminergic action on the basis of Vitex agnus castus (drug cyclodynon) are effective for moderate hyperprolactinemia. Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the cyclodynon treatment at dishormonal disorders background latent hyperprolactinemia.

Accordingly, the aim of the work was to study the effectiveness and impact of the cyclodynon on psycho-emotional status, level of pain intensity and the hormonal status in women with chronic pelvic pain syndrome and infertility.

Examination and treatment undergo 74 women with chronic pelvic pain syndrome and infertility (main group). These women were randomized into 2 subgroups: I subgroup – 36 women treated with anti-stress, hormonal, antihypoxic therapy and II subgroup – 38 women who additionally received cyclodynon as standard scheme for 3 months. The control group consisted of 32 healthy women of reproductive age.

The effectiveness of the prescribed treatment was investigated in status of mental stress, severity of pain and the dynamics of hormonal profile.

A 50% reduction pain intensity in a subgroup of women who received cyclodcnone is revealed after 3 months of treatment. After 3 months of treatment the level of luteinizing hormone, estradiol and progesterone in both subgroups of the main group was significantly increased, and the concentration of prolactin and cortisol in blood plasma was significantly decreased only in the II subgroup of the main group.

Thus, this study confirmed the clinical effectiveness and usefulness of the drug cyclodynon in the treatment scheme for women with chronic pelvic pain syndrome and stress-induced infertility.


chronic pelvic pain syndrome; hyperprolactinemia; stress-induced infertility; cyclodynon


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