Cytogenetic diagnostic: features of postnatal karyotyping


  • Л. В. Тавокина Medical Center LLC “Isida-IVF”, Kiev, Ukraine



chromosomal diseases, cytogenetic diagnostics, postnatal karyotyping


Chromosomal diseases are serious diseases that are usually accompanied by a disability of patients. Medical and genetic counseling involves a complex of preventive measures to prophylaxis the birth of such patients in families. Cytogenetic diagnosis is one of the diagnostic type of these diseases – this is a complex of traditional karyotyping techniques and different FISH technics. The indications for this test are multiple congenital malformations/microanomalies ,various neuro-psychiatric disorders, sexual development disorders, a variety of disembriogenetic stigma, prenatal and postnatal growth and development retardation, autism, delayed speech development, learning difficulties.

Author Biography

Л. В. Тавокина, Medical Center LLC “Isida-IVF”, Kiev

Candidate of biological sciences, head of Molecular cytogenetic laboratory; physician laboratorian geneticist of the highest category


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