Treatment of fibrocystic breast disease – a way to prevent breast cancer


  • И. И. Смоланка Oncology Institute of the NAMS of Ukraine, Ukraine



fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, Epigalin®, Tazalok™


The issues of classification, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of fibrocystic breast disease in the context of the prevention of breast cancer are present in this article.

Treatment of most cases of fibrocystic breast disease is carried by conservative methods. The most frequently used pathogenetic grounded herbal medicine, hormone therapy, anti-hormones, vitamins, enzyme therapy. Nodal forms of fibrocystic breast disease are subject to surgical treatment.

An individual program of screening is developed for women, depending on the degree of breast cancer risk. Studies in recent years allow us to consider the use of such drug as Epigalin® for a prophylactic measure in high-risk women

Author Biography

И. И. Смоланка, Oncology Institute of the NAMS of Ukraine

MD, Professor, Head of the Breast Pathology Department


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