Clinical and paraclinical aspects of pregnancy, that is complicated by a retrochorial hematoma

В. І. Пирогова


May 15–16, 2014 in Kiev, at the conference «Harmony of hormones – the basis of the woman’s health» was heard a report on the clinical and paraclinical aspects of pregnancy that is complicated retrochorial hematoma.

Retrochorial hematomas are one of the causes of miscarriage. After the diagnosis of retrochorial hematoma tactics must be based on progestin therapy to maintain pregnancy and prevent further complications. Administration of progesterone for 2–3 months before a planned pregnancy is an optimal primary prevention. For this purpose micronized progesterone Utrozhestan is vaginally used in clinical practice


retrochorial hematoma; miscarriage; micronized progesterone; Utrozhestan


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