First series of 18 pregnancies after ulipristal acetate treatment for uterine fibroids

Mathieu Luyckx, Jean-luc Squifflet, Pascale Jadoul, Rafaella Votino, Marie-M. Dolmans, Jacques Donnez


Design: Retrospective analysis of a series of 52 patients prospectively included in the PGL4001 (ulipristal acetate) Effi cacy Assessment in Reduction of Symptoms Due to Uterine Leiomyomata (PEARL) II and III trials.

Setting: Academic hospital.

Patient(s): Among the 52 patients, 21 wished to conceive upon treatment completion.

Intervention(s): None.

Main Outcome Measure(s): Pregnancy rate and live birth rate.

Result(s): Twenty-one patients attempted to get pregnant, amongwhom15 (71%) succeeded, totaling 18 pregnancies. Among these 18 pregnancies, 12 resulted in the birth of 13 healthy babies and 6 ended in early miscarriage. No regrowth of fi broids was observed during pregnancy.

Conclusion(s): We report the fi rst series of pregnancies achieved after UPA treatment. Our data confi rm a sustained long-term eff ect after UPA therapy. (Fertil Steril®, 2014. by American Society for Reproductive Medicine).


Fibroids; selective progesterone receptor modulators (SPRMs); ulipristal acetate; рregnancy


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