Cancer pathology and pregnancy: evidence, experience, capabilities

Ю. В. Давыдова


October 29th of this year the conference «Oncopathology and Reproduction – Opportunities and Prospects» took place in Kiev. Y.V. Davydova report that is presented in this paper was devoted to the fight against cancer and save pregnancy at the same time.
The main goal of treatment of diagnosed cancer in pregnancy is a disease control and prevention of distant metastasis, as well as full protection of the developing fetus.
In this case, if a woman is going to save her pregnancy it should treat threatening miscarriage by drugs with maximum efficiency and minimum range of side effects for the mother and the fetus. The vaginal form of progesterone (preparation Utrozhestan) is the most commonly used is among such drugs


oncopathology; pregnancy; progesterone; Utrozhestan

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