Correction of early menopausal disorders in women with anamnesis of uterine myoma


  • О. В. Кравченко Bukovinian State Medical University,



climacteric syndrome, uterine myoma, Sagenit


The study of the efficacy and safety of using Sagenit in patients with uterine myoma in the anamnesis and menopausal disorders in early menopause was performed. 52 women with neurovegetative symptoms during menopause of 2 years were under the supervision.
Sagenit effectively normalized hormones, quickly relieved the early perimenopausal disorders.
Sagenit is not associated with sensitive receptors reproductive organs, does not lead to proliferative changes in the uterus and can be used as the drug of choice alternative to hormonal replacement therapy in women with uterine myoma in the anamnesis and climacteric disorders in early menopausal.

Author Biography

О. В. Кравченко, Bukovinian State Medical University

MD, professor, head of the Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology Department


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