Pneumonia in childbirth as a mask of postpartum cardiomyopathy in the 28 -year-old patient in the early postpartum period

A. Stochmal, T. Milewicz, M. Sajewicz, B. Rosiek-Ruszar, K. Zając, S. Mrozińska, K. Doroszewska, M. Kiałka, K. Rytlewski, R. Drwiła, A. Siekańska, Z. Chaykivska, M. Wójcik, D. Mądroszkiewicz, E. Zimmer-Satora, M. Cwynar, C. Begejowicz, J. Krzysiek


The article described a rare clinical case of perinatal cardiomyopathy as a form of dilated cardiomyopathy of unknown etiology.

Perinatal cardiomyopathy was diagnosed on the eighth day after delivery in a patient with fever and diagnosis of generalized infection (pneumonia) that masked the symptoms of heart disease. Signs of cardiomyopathy were confirmed by the ehocardiographic study on the ninth day after the delivery.

The patient was hospitalized, perinatal cardiomyopathy and pneumonia were treated, resulting in the patient’s condition improved, and there was complete resolution of pneumonia and normalization of laboratory values. 


clinical case; pregnancy; perinatal cardiomyopathy; dilated cardiomyopathy


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