The different way to the treatment of dysmenorrhea primary


  • А. М. Юзько Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine
  • А. М. Алешина Kyiv City Student Polyclinic, Ukraine



dysmenorrhea, pain, hormonal status, the verbal-analog scale, age, combined oral contraceptives, Tazalok™, phytotherapy, vitamin B6, magnesium lactate, novocain


A comparison of various treatment methods of dysmenorrhea was carried out: phytotherapy (herbal medicine) via using Tazalok™ drug, cyclic vitamin treatment with magnesium and electrophoresis with Novocain applied to the abdomen, combined oral contraceptives. The effectiveness of dysmenorrhea treatment with complex phytodrug named Tazalok™ has been reviewed and modern best practices for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea of nulliparous women aged 16-22 has been identified.

Also modern optimum methods of primary dysmenorrhea medical treatment for nullipara aged of 16-22 are determined. 

Author Biographies

А. М. Юзько, Bukovinian State Medical University

MD, Professor, head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Postgraduate Education Faculty, vice-rector, president of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine

А. М. Алешина, Kyiv City Student Polyclinic



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Юзько, А. М., & Алешина, А. М. (2014). The different way to the treatment of dysmenorrhea primary. REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY, (16), 56–60.