The role of vitamin d deficiency in the development of luteal phase deficiency

O. V. Bulavenko, N. P. Dzis, O. V. Furman


Vitamin D (VD) deficiency connecting with insufficient production in the skin and limited alimentation delivery, disrupts the function of all system of the body and increases the risk of women health. VD receptor and VD metabolizing enzymes have been detected in female reproductive tissues, such as ovary, uterus and placenta. There is an increasing human data suggesting that VD status may be associated with impaired fertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and ovarian cancer. We studied the role of Vitamin D deficiency andpathogenesis role in the development of deficiency of Luteal Phase.Was detected the positive correlations with premenstrual bleeding, luteal progesterone and estradiol levels and no connecting with post peak duration.


vitamin D; luteal phase deficiency; premenstrual bleeding; progesterone; estradiol; endometrium; post peak phase

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