Diabetes and pregnancy: happy motherhood. Actual issues in the world and in Ukraine


  • Г. В. Бабина Clinic «Rodynne Dzherelo», Heart Institute, Kiev, Ukraine




pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, blood glucose, insulin, insulin pump, PUMP-therapy


Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy is associated with more severe pregnancy course and with a higher frequency of adverse perinatal outcomes compared with women without disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, until recently it was believed that women with diabetes mellitus can not have children.

Modern management of patients with diabetes mellitus includes non-drug and drug treatment. Women recommended regular self-monitoring of blood glucose, consumption of sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, reducing calorie intake and carbohydrates for obesity women, regular physical activity. Insulin is a method of pharmacological treatments for diabetes mellitus that was proven it efficacy and safety for pregnancy and risk of congenital abnormalities.

Currently, the introduction of modern technologies in the treatment of diabetes mellitus has reduced the perinatal mortality rate from 50% to 4%. PUMP-therapy (the use of an insulin pump) is an example of such technology. With the pump, insulin dose by 20–30% lower than after multi-injection. At the same time insulin pump controls blood glucose by itself. PUMP- therapy helps to achieve a vital compensation of diabetes mellitus and allows getting a good course of pregnancy, successful delivery and healthy children.

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Г. В. Бабина, Clinic «Rodynne Dzherelo», Heart Institute, Kiev



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