Role of hyperprolactinemia in the genesis of premature thelarche and its correction in the course of first five years in girls

О. И. Мальцева


Pediatric gynecologists of all types of disorders of sexual development most often diagnose an incomplete form of premature puberty in girls of the isosexual type – isolated thelarche against the background of an elevated prolactin levels.

Aim of the research: to study the effect of the drug Cyclodynon® on girls with an isolated thelarche on the background of increased prolactin levels.

Materials and methods. Study include 30 girls aged from 1 to 5 years with isolated premature thelarche. Ultrasound and hormonal studies were conducted. All patients were examined by the endocrinologist, neurologist and pediatrician. Girls with isolated thelarche and a high prolactin level were prescribed the drug Cyclodynon® depending on the age and prolactin level at a dose of 1/8 to 1 tablet (or 5 to 40 drops) in the morning on an empty stomach once a day.

Results. Study included 30 girls with isolated thelarche revealed a stable increase in the prolactin level (up to 680 mIU/l while normal values is 110–400 mIU/l) with relatively normal gonadotropins and estradiol levels. The use of a special extract of Vitex Agnus Castus Cyclodуnon® contributed to a gradual over 3 months reducing the prolactin level to normal from 680 to 396 mIU/l. Decrease in prolactin level correlated with regression of clinical signs of thelarche. Adverse or desirable effects when Cyclodynon® use for 3 months were noted.

Conclusion. Increased prolactin level played significant role in children during the first five years of life in the isolated thelarche genesis. The use of standardized herbal drug Cyclodynon® with dopaminergic effect led to normalization of the prolactin level in treatment girls with isolated thelarche on the background of elevated prolactin levels and is an effective and pathogenetically justified. This is confirmed by the results of clinical and hormonal studies.


isolated; thelarche; prolactin; hyperprolactinemia; Cyclodуnon

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