Rational preparation of generic ways as a method of reducing traumatism of soft tissues on childbirth





prevention, trauma of soft tissues, childbirth, glycogenesis, ectopic cervix uteri of pregnancy women, Revitaxa


The urgency of the problem of traumatization of the birth canals is due in many respects to the morphological and functional inferiority of the constituent layers of the vagina. A clinical study was conducted on the effectiveness of the using of vaginal suppositories of the natural complex action Revitaxa with the aim of preventing the traumatization of soft tissues in parturition.

In the clinical study, 50 pregnant women aged 23–34 years were under observation in the pregnancy from 37 to 40 weeks. 25 pregnant women, who were included in the main group, received suppositories vaginally at 1 per day (overnight) for 10 days, 40% of pregnant women were prolonged using the Revitaxa remedy up to 20 days before the onset of labor. 25 pregnant women, who made up a control group, did not receive vaginal suppositories, as well as other special prenatal preparations. The control of the effectiveness of the vaginal suppositories of Revitaxa was carried out using Sonography in the mode of Color Doppler Сards, vascularization of the vaginal wall, echographic mucosal picture, elastography of the vaginal wall was assessed.

After delivery, the presence of gaps in the soft tissues of the birth canal was evaluated in patients in the main and control groups. As a result of the using of suppositories, the indicators of the birth traumatism of soft tissues in the main group were significantly lower than in the control group, positive sonographic and elastographic changes were noted. In addition, there was an improvement in the colposcopic pattern in pregnant women with ectopic cervix uteri – a decrease in the area of ectopia, a lack of progression of dysplastic changes.

Complex composition of vaginal suppositories Revitaxa – hyaluronic acid and 4 natural components (marigold extract, aloe extract, Centella extract of Asiatic, tea tree oil extract) – allows to expand the possibilities of using to prevent the risks of traumatization of the birth canal. Components of suppositories affect the tone of elastic and collagen fibers stimulating glycogenesis, provide the necessary protective environment, vascularization of tissues, strengthen the matrix of connective tissue, and also show antiseptic and local immunomodulatory effects.

Author Biographies

Н. А. Щербина, Kharkiv National Medical University

MD, professor, head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department No. 1

В. В. Бобрицкая, Kharkiv National Medical University

PhD, associate professor at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department No. 1

О. П. Липко, Kharkiv National Medical University

MD, professor at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department No. 1


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