Possibilities for therapy of a comorbidity of uterine myoma and benign breast dysplasias

В. Е. Радзинский, И. М. Ордиянц, М. Н. Масленникова, Е. А. Павлова, В. В. Карданова


Objective. To improve the reproductive health of women with benign breast dysplasia (BBD) and uterine myoma, by elaborating a differentiated approach to preventing and treating comorbid diseases.

Subject and methods. The investigation included 175 women with concomitant genital diseases and BBD who were treated at the Gynecology Unit of the City Clinical Hospital No. 12, Moscow. The results of their examination and differentiated treatment for comorbid diseases of the uterus and breast were analyzed.

Results. The altered ratio of steroid hormone levels as absolute or relative hyperestrogenemia underlies the pathogenesis of BBD in women with uterine myoma. The elaborated differentiated approach allows quality of life to be improved of 43.4% of patients with combined diseases of the mammary glands and genitals, to reduce the progression and recurrence of BBD in patients with uterine myoma from 36.7 to 15.9%.

Conclusion. The findings strongly suggest that the women of this category must form a special follow-up gynecological group and their treatment must be a preventive measure against the progression and recurrence of BBD.


benign breast dysplasia; uterine myoma


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18370/2309-4117.2017.36.86-89


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