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No 9 (2013) Gynipral use for correction hypertonic dysfunction of uterus activity Abstract   PDF (Русский)
И. С. Сидорова, О. С. Билявская
No 17 (2014) Hormonal characteristics of menstrual function of women with violations of autonomic homeostasis and mutations both of reproductive health Abstract   PDF (Українська)
В. М. Запорожан, В. В. Подолський, З. Б. Хомінська
No 20 (2014) Hormonal correction of atrophic changes in women with urogenital prolapse Abstract   PDF (Українська)
А. П. Григоренко
No 31 (2016) Hormonal homeostasis in women with infertility and functional disorders of hepatobiliary system Abstract   PDF (Українська)
В. В. Камінський, В. В. Суменко, Т. В. Коломійченко, О. Г. Бойчук
No 21 (2015) Hormonal support of menstrual function and features of the balance of sex hormones in women of childbearing age with changes of reproductive health and autonomic homeostasis disorders Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Вл. В. Подольський, З. Б. Хомінська
No 25 (2015) Hyperplastic processes of endometrium: what's new? Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Т. Ф Татарчук, Л. В. Калугина, Т. Н. Тутченко
No 13 (2013) Hyperprolactinemia in the mechanisms of uterine leiomyoma develop Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Н. В. Косей, Л. А. Васильченко, В. А. Джупин
No 28 (2016) Hyperprolactinemia: optimal algorithm of laboratory test Abstract   PDF (Русский)
О. В. Рыкова
No 32 (2016) Hyperproliferative syndrome in gynecology and obesity Abstract   PDF (Українська)
В. К. Кондратюк, І. М. Нікітіна, К. О. Кондратюк, Г. А. Дзюба
No 9 (2013) Hypofertility factors. Role of exogenous impacts during lactation Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Е. М. Коренева, Н. А. Карпенко
No 26 (2015) Hysteroscopic, morphofunctional and immunohistochemical endometriun features in women with uterine leiomyoma after different types of organ-preserving treatment Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Т. Д. Задорожна, Н. О. Редько, Т. Ф. Татарчук, Н. В. Косей, С. М. Килихевич
No 17 (2014) Immunological features and prospectives in the treatment of chlamydial infection in women Abstract   PDF (Русский)
И. В. Лахно
No 21 (2015) Immuno-morphological features of endometrial hyperplasic processes Abstract   PDF (Українська)
В. М. Запорожан, С. А. Фетеску
No 10 (2013) Immunotherapy in complex treatment of antyphospholipid syndrome Abstract   PDF (Русский)
В. И. Линников
No 19 (2014) Impact of use Tivortin on life quality and condition of the fetus in pregnant women with heart failure Abstract   PDF (Українська)
А. Ю. Ліманська, Ю. В. Давидова, В. А. Слободський
No 18 (2014) Improved therapeutic management of women with endometriosis Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Т. Ф Татарчук, Н. Ф. Захаренко, І. П. Маноляк, В. П. Ковбасій
No 24 (2015) Improvement of postoperative care in women with genital prolapse Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Г. Б. Семенина
No 35 (2017) Incidence and spectrum of chromosomal abnormalities detected in married couples with early losses of pregnancy Abstract   PDF (Українська)
М. П. Веропотвелян, Л. Г. Шаповаленко, О. С. Саваровська
No 20 (2014) Innervation apparatus and neuro-tissue relations in the myometrium of patients with adenomyosis Abstract   PDF
M. R. Orazov, O. M. Nosenko
No 27 (2016) Insufficient luteal phase: laboratory diagnostic aspects. Opinion of Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Abstract   PDF (Русский)
О. В. Рыкова
No 14 (2013) Interdisciplinary problems: Cushing’s syndrome Abstract   PDF (Русский)
О. В. Рыкова
No 27 (2016) International identifier ORCID and its role in the global scholarly communication Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Р. В. Марушко
No 31 (2016) International organizations and their experience in dealing with publication ethics Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Р. В. Марушко
No 13 (2013) Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in women of child-bearing age Abstract   PDF (Русский)
А. В. Малкоч, Л. А. Анастасевич, Н. Н. Филатова
No 20 (2014) Iron supplements: the quick fix with long-term consequences Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Anna E.O. Fisher, Declan P. Naughton
No 34 (2017) Is it necessary to treat the mild preeclampsia? Abstract   PDF (Русский)
А. Х. Каримов, Г. А. Ахмедова
No 29 (2016) Laboratory diagnostics and management of gestational diabetes at the current stage Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Л. А. Луценко
No 23 (2015) Large size symptomatic uterine leiomyoma. Is saving the uterus feasible? Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Т. Ф Татарчук, Н. В. Косей, Л. А. Васильченко, В. А. Джупін
No 35 (2017) Level of thyroid-stimulating hormone as basic diagnostic marker and criterion of treatment success of thyroid diseases Abstract   PDF (Українська)
В. І. Паньків
No 21 (2015) Liquid-based cytology for risk-adapted cervical screening Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Reinhard Bollmann
No 35 (2017) Livarol in the treatment of chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Т. С. Дивакова, Л. Д. Ржеусская
No 20 (2014) Liver function and reproductive health. What is gynecologist need to know? Abstract   PDF (Русский)
В. С. Березенко, Т. Ф. Татарчук, А. О. Исламова, Э. Ф. Чайковская, Т. В. Шевчук
No 31 (2016) Local therapy as a modern trend in the treatment of vaginal infections Abstract   PDF (Русский)
В. А. Потапов
No 32 (2016) Local treatment of nonspecific vulvovaginitis in puberty is the treatment of choice Abstract   PDF (Українська)
О. В. Кравченко
No 34 (2017) Looking at the problem of cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr viral infection in gynecology and possible solutions Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Л. С. Осипова, А. А. Суханова, Е. И. Соколова
No 19 (2014) Luteal phase deficiency correction in women of reproductive age at hypothyroidism background Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Т. В. Герасимова, Е. Н. Гопчук
No 26 (2015) Main social aspects of affects the formation of adequate knowledge about reproductive health in adolescence girls Abstract   PDF
Z. A. Shkiryak-Nyzhnyk, N. K. Silina, O. V. Lapikura, L. N. Slobodchenko, O. V. Zvinchuk, E. I. Nepochatova-Kurashkevich, L. M. Sinchuk, A. I. Matcol
No 17 (2014) Mammalgia in oncomammology practice Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Т. С. Головко
No 31 (2016) Management of the pre-eclamptic women from the point of obstetrical hemostaseology Abstract   PDF (Українська)
О. В. Грищенко, І. В. Лахно
No 24 (2015) Management perimenopausal disorders Abstract   PDF (Русский)
В. А. Заболотнов, А. М. Рыбалка, В. И. Шатило, С. С. Аникин
No 19 (2014) Mastodynia elimination at hormonal treatment of patients with uterine myoma Abstract   PDF (Русский)
А. Л. Тихомиров, А. А. Леденкова
No 11 (2013) Mechanisms of iron deficiency formation and modern approach to administration of oral iron forms Abstract
С. В. Выдыборец
No 17 (2014) Medical social and legal aspects of medical abortion in Ukraine Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Вячеслав Владимирович Каминский, Н. Г. Прядко
No 22 (2015) Menarche, puberty and vitamin D Abstract   PDF
Elina Chaykivska
No 29 (2016) Menopausal hormone therapy features in women with estrogen-dependent uterus pathology Abstract   PDF (Русский)
М. В. Медведев, Ю. В. Донская
No 28 (2016) Menopausal hormone therapy – a course on individuality Abstract   PDF (Русский)
М. Ю. Сергиенко, Ю. Я. Круть, В. Г. Сюсюка
No 21 (2015) Menopausal syndrome as the first clinical manifestation of perimenopause Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Т. Ф Татарчук, А. О. Исламова, О. А. Ефименко
No 22 (2015) Menopause Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Susan R. Davis, Irene Lambrinoudaki, Maryann Lumsden, Gita D. Mishra, Lubna Pal, Margaret Rees, Nanette Santoro, Tommaso Simoncini
No 9 (2013) Menopause: a new look at an old problem Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Т. Ф Татарчук, О. А. Ефименко, А. О. Исламова
No 18 (2014) Menstrual dysfunction in women with metabolic syndrome Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Н. Ю. Педаченко
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