No 35 (2017)

Table of Contents

Health care

Optimization of family planning service in Ukraine in the realization of modern strategy of woman health maintenance PDF (Українська) PDF
Ю. Г. Антипкін, В. В. Камінський, Т. Ф. Татарчук 7-16

Tumors and pretumoral pathology

Modern concept of prevention of tumor breast pathology PDF (Русский)
Ю. П. Вдовиченко, В. А. Потапов 17-30


Endometrial hyperplasia: there are more questions than answers PDF (Русский)
А. Н. Григоренко, А. Б. Гордийчук 31-43
Optimization of treatment of endometrial hyperplastic processes in the late reproductive period by hysteroscopic сold loop technique PDF (Українська)
С. М. Корнієнко 44-49


Incidence and spectrum of chromosomal abnormalities detected in married couples with early losses of pregnancy PDF (Українська)
М. П. Веропотвелян, Л. Г. Шаповаленко, О. С. Саваровська 54-60
A study of plasma folate under the influence of [6S]-5-MTHF in women with 677C→T polymorphism of mthfr with different types of inheritance PDF (Русский)
R. Prinz-Langenohl, S. Brämswig, O. Tobolski 62-66

Pregnancy and childbirth

The combined use of various forms of micronized progesterone in the treatment of the threat of termination of pregnancy in multiple pregnancies PDF (Українська)
І. М. Нікітіна 68-73
Железный щит репродуктивного здоровья. Терапевтические стратегии при железодефицитной анемии PDF (Русский)
В. Е. Радзинский, Т. В. Галина, Т. А. Добрецова 74-80

Inflammatory diseases

Livarol in the treatment of chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis PDF (Русский)
Т. С. Дивакова, Л. Д. Ржеусская 81-83

Laboratory diagnosis

Level of thyroid-stimulating hormone as basic diagnostic marker and criterion of treatment success of thyroid diseases PDF (Українська)
В. І. Паньків 84-88

Drug therapy

New features in the correction of dysbiosis in the family doctor’s practice PDF (Русский)
А. К. Дуда, Е. И. Дубровский 90-95