Clinical experience with a variety of approaches to complex and preventive treatment of functional ovarian cysts

О. М. Макарчук, Н. І. Матвійків


Prevalence of ovary tumors today varies from 11 to 20% and has tendency for growth. Current methods of conservative treatment of ovarian cysts lead to their regression in 50–55% of cases and do not rule out the likelihood of recurrence.

The lack of specific symptoms, upward trend, and possibility of ovarian cysts malignancy, low effectiveness of conservative treatment, the invalidity and inappropriateness surgical procedures dictate the need to find pathogenetic methods of correction, and this was the aim of the presented work.

In study shows results of the treatment of four equal groups of patients aged from 18 to 39 years with functional ovarian cysts depending on the treatment program. Group I include 30 women with functional ovarian cysts who received basic treatment. Group II (n = 30) received hormonal monotherapy. Group III included 30 patients, who received special extract of Vitex agnus castus – BNO 1095. Group IV (n = 30) received hormonal therapy + special extract of Vitex agnus castus – BNO 1095 for 6 months.

The highest efficiency, proving the feasibility of plant use in gynecologist practice was in the IV group, which approved a comprehensive treatment program and preventive therapy (hormone + extract BNO 1095). 93.3% women in this group noted almost complete disappearance of pain sensation, normalization of ovarian-menstrual cycle – 83.3%, cystic lesion regression to the size of the follicle –76.6%. Functional ovarian cysts recurrence during the year is not observed only in this group.

Special extract of Vitex agnus castus – BNO 1095 is effective in both monotherapy and especially when you turn it into a comprehensive scheme for the treatment and prevention of functional ovarian cysts.


ovarian tumors; functional cyst; Vitex agnus castus; combined oral contraceptives


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