1. Microwave endometrial ablation in premenopausal patients with abnormal uterine bleeding: Methods for determining its efficiency
V. G. Breusenko, N. A. Shevchenko, I. A. Krasnova, G. N. Golukhov, I. A. Esipova, E. N. Chmyr, T. A. Plakhova, O. S. Kovaleva
Rossiiskii vestnik akushera-ginekologa  Vol: 17  Issue: 5  First page: 41  Year: 2017  
doi: 10.17116/rosakush201717541-46

2. Chronic abnormal uterine bleedings and quality of women’s life. How to significantly improve the result?
Н. Ю. Педаченко, Т. М. Тутченко, Р. А. Тухтарян
Reproductive Endocrinology  Issue: 51  First page: 14  Year: 2020  
doi: 10.18370/2309-4117.2020.51.14-22

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